Chanel and Marshall's wedding reception at PLAZA DEL TORO

Chanel + Marshall's Wedding Reception

Photography by Briana Morrison

Nicholas Lapp Birthday

Nicholas Lapp Birthday Dinner

Photos by Brandyn Morley
Table Arrangements by Nicholas Lapp


A culinary and cultural exploration of the Cádiz region of Spain featuring sherry from Bodegas La Cigarrera, cellar master Ignacio Hidalgo, a Flamenco show with emcee Pepe Raphael, Flamenco dancer Verónica Medina Cano and Flamenco guitarist Mark Ferguson. 

Video by Luis Alvarado.

Christie & Michael's Reception

Video from Chrisitie and Michael's wedding reception at PLAZA DEL TORO.

Video by Indieglow Films

FEAST Portland

John Gorham and Chris Cosentino's collaborative dinner for FEAST Portland 2016 at PLAZA DEL TORO.
Photography by Austin Raz. 

JT & Morgy's Wedding Reception

Jeremiah & Morgan's wedding reception at PLAZA DEL TORO.
Video by Luis Alvarado

Tara & Web's Wedding

Photos of Tara and Web's wedding at PLAZA DEL TORO.
Photos by Jos Studios.
Content by Bridal Bliss.

Ahn & John's Wedding Reception

Video of Ahn and John's wedding reception at PLAZA DEL TORO. Videography by HP Weddings.

PLAZA DEL TORO_Anna and Will's Wedding Reception_Brandyn Morley Photography_2477.jpg

Anna & Will's Wedding Reception

Pictures from Anna and Will's wedding reception at PLAZA DEL TORO.
photography by Brandyn Morley 


Ryan & Jon's Wedding Reception

Pictures from Ryan and Jon's wedding reception at PLAZA DEL TORO.
photography by Diana Rothery



The first in our series hosting the Portland chapter of The International Society for the Preservation and Enjoyment of Vermouth.
photography by Michael G Ingram



Special thanks to The June Bugs…we liked ‘em so much, we invited them back for a bbq and a glass of pink wine!
photography by Chris Ryan


Cameron Winery

12-course dinner paired with a vertical tasting of Abbey Ridge Vineyard Pinot Noir with winemaker John Paul
 photography by David Reamer

Jamal & Robin's Wedding Reception

photography by Ryan Tuttle