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VERSUS: Jose Salazar vs. Matt Christianson
Friday, February 24

In our 21st edition of Versus, Jose Salazar of Cincinnati's Salazar Restaurant & Bar squares off against Matt Christianson of Portland's Urban Farmer. The chefs have one month to bring their A-game and push boundaries developing dishes featuring bone marrowcabbage and Iberico short ribs. At the end of the month, they come out swinging with three back-to-back courses, followed by dessert from PLAZA DEL TORO pastry chef Ashley Claybaugh. Guests vote at the end of dinner, one chef wins, and we donate the proceeds to the winning chef's charity of choice. 
Ingredients: bone marrow, cabbage and Iberico short ribs
$90 | 6pm | PLAZA DEL TORO | 105 SE Taylor, Portland OR 97214