April 28, 2017

Ben Grossmann vs. Jin Soo Yang
ingredients: rhubarb, kanpachi & nettles
$90 | 6pm | PLAZA DEL TORO | 105 SE Taylor, Portland

In our 22nd edition of Versus, Multnomah Whiskey Library chef Ben Grossmann squares off against Bamboo Sushi Executive Chef Jin Soo Yang using rhubarb, kanpachi, and nettles. Ticket includes dinner. Full bar and wine list available for purchase. Doors open promptly at 6pm. House appetizers will be available until 6:30pm.

Three ingredients, six courses, two top chefs. Versus is PLAZA DEL TORO's competitive dinner series where two chefs have one month to bring their A-game and push boundaries developing dishes featuring three ingredients of our choice. At the end of the month, they come out swinging with three back-to-back courses, followed by dessert from PLAZA DEL TORO pastry chef Ashley Claybaugh.

As a gastronomic society for the advancement of the culinary arts,  PLAZA DEL TORO is, first and foremost, a place for chefs to study and play, so there aren't too many rules. Guests vote at the end of dinner, one chef wins, and we donate the proceeds to the winning chef's charity of choice. 

If you are interested in being a VERSUS chef, please email


Versus Scorecard


VERSUS 20: Emory Brun vs. Sam Saltos

January, 2017
ingredients: mussels, blood orange, quail
winner: Sam Saltos

Pascal Sauton Versus at Plaza del toro

VERSUS 19: Aaron Barnett vs. Pascal Sauton

November, 2016
ingredients: lobster, pineapple, goose
winner: Pascal Sauton
charity: Suzanne Bozarth Cancer Treatment Fund
donation: $500

Brian Lamback vs. Dustin Clark at plaza del toro VERSUS

VERSUS 18: Brian Lamback vs. Dustin Clark

October, 2016
ingredients: pear, olive oil, sweetbreads
winner: Brian Lamback
charity: Oregon Humane Society
donation: $150

VERSUS 17: Robby Debolt vs. Erin Connell

September, 2016
ingredients: eggs, trout, pork belly
winner: Robby Debolt
charity: Oregon Humane Society
donation: $280

VERSUS 16: Bonnie Morales vs. Javier Canteras

August, 2016
ingredients: watermelon, summer squash, cheeks
winner: Javier Canteras
charity: Diabetes Foundation of America
donation: $500

VERSUS 15: Tynan Gibson vs. Pat Manning

July, 2016
ingredients: tomatoes, corn, stone fruit
winner: Pat Manning
charity: Oregon Humane Society
donation: $437

VERSUS 14: Miles Prescott vs. Cameron Addy

June, 2016
ingredients: ham hock, cherry, quail
winner: Cameron Addy
charity: NAMI
donation: $450

VERSUS 13: Laura Rhoman vs. Tony Meyers

May, 2016
ingredients: artichoke, butter and halibut
winner: Laura Rhoman
charity: Sickle Cell Anemia Foundation of Oregon
donation: $500

VERSUS 12: Katrina Zito vs. Ryan Bleibtrey

April, 2016
ingredients: asparagus, anchovies and chuck eye roast (coppa)
winner: Ryan Bleibtrey
charity: Harper's Playground
donation: $570

VERSUS 11: Shane Ryan vs. Josh Scofield

March, 2016
ingredients: anson mills carolina gold rice, parmigiano-reggiano, lamb shanks
winner: Josh Scofield
charity: Live Wire Radio and My Voice Music
donation: $250 each

VERSUS 10: Johanna Wares vs. Han Ly Hwang

February, 2016
ingredients: pig ears, dungeness crab and japanese kobe
winner: Han Ly Hwang
charity: Black Lives Matter
donation: $430

VERSUS 9: Karl Zenk vs. Ben Meyer

January, 2016
ingredients: oysters, sauerkraut, a whole squab
winner: Ben Meyer
charity: Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization
donation: $500

VERSUS 8: Maya Lovelace vs. Joshua Theilen

December, 2015
ingredients: blood orange, sea island field peas, a whole goat
winner: Maya Lovelace
charities: Planned Parenthood
donation: $350

VERSUS 7: Johnny Leech and Peter Cho vs. Patrick McKee

November, 2015
ingredients: water buffalo, parsnips, buckwheat flour
winner: Johnny Leach and Peter Cho
charities: Caldera and Mt. Hood Kiwanis Camp
donation: $300 each

VERSUS 6: Christiaan Erasmus vs. Troy MacLarty

October, 2015
ingredients: pumpkin, cauliflower, duck
winner: Troy MacLarty
charity: Share Our Strength
donation: $520

VERSUS 5: Kasey Mills vs. Josh Schimmel-Bristo

September, 2015
ingredients: apples, squid, eggplant
winner: Kasey Mills
charity: American Cancer Society
donation: $1,120

VERSUS 4: Anthony Cafiero vs. Carlos Lamagna

August, 2015
ingredients: cucumber, corn, basil
winner: Anthony Cafiero
charity: Nicky USA Warehouse Hero
donation: $512

VERSUS 3: Maylin Chavez and Melissa Mayer vs. Andrew Gregory

July, 2015
ingredients: green beans, peaches and tomatoes
winner: Andrew Gregory
charity: The Brian Grant Foundation
donation: $433

VERSUS 2: BJ Smith vs. Ryan Fox

June, 2015
ingredients: albacore, apricots, rabbit
winner: Ryan Fox
charity: Planned Parenthood
donation: $450

VERSUS 1: Beau Carr vs. Gabe Rosen

May, 2015
ingredients: strawberries, octopus & lamb
winner: Gabe Rosen
charity: PSU Center for Japanese Studies
donation: $500