Thank you PLAZA DEL TORO! The event was amazing and everyone so enjoyed themselves. The food was incredible, the drinks were fabulous, the atmosphere was perfect. Everyone left well-fed, well-beveraged, relaxed and happy. Thank you so much for helping to create a really cool event!
— Renee B.
There’s been lots of talk in the office about how much everyone loved the venue, food, and how they want to go back. The staff were so attentive and we all just enjoyed ourselves so much. This was definitely one of my personal favorite dining experiences as well.
— Stephanie B- ThinkShout
Thank you for such a fantastic evening! Both Ryan and I were very pleased with how things turned out. Our guests were raving about the food and the staff did an excellent job. I figured having our reception at PLAZA DEL TORO would be a great evening and you guys met and exceeded expectations. It really was a memorable night.
— Ryan + Jon