Three ingredients, six courses, two top chefs. Versus is PLAZA DEL TORO's competitive dinner series where two chefs have one month to bring their A-game and push boundaries developing dishes featuring three ingredients of our choice. At the end of the month, they come out swinging with three back-to-back courses, followed by dessert from PLAZA DEL TORO pastry chef Ashley Claybaugh.

As a gastronomic society for the advancement of the culinary arts,  PLAZA DEL TORO is, first and foremost, a place for chefs to study and play, so there aren't too many rules. Guests vote at the end of dinner, one chef wins, and we donate the a portion of the proceeds to the winning chef's charity of choice. 

If you are interested in being a VERSUS chef, please email


Versus Scorecard


VERSUS 23: Jaret Foster vs. Michael Miho

June, 2017
ingredients: strawberries, spring Onions, oxtail
winner: Michael Miho

VERSUS 22: Ben Grossmann vs. Jin Soo Yang

April, 2017
ingredients: rhubarb, kanpachi, and nettles
winner: Jin Soo Yang

VERSUS 21: Jose Salazar vs. Matt Christianson

February, 2017
ingredients: bone marrow, cabbage and Iberico short ribs
winner: Matt Christianson
charity: No Kid Hungry via Chef Cycle
donatio: $800


VERSUS 20: Emory Brun vs. Sam Saltos

January, 2017
ingredients: mussels, blood orange, quail
winner: Sam Saltos
charity: Metavivor
donation: $350

Pascal Sauton Versus at Plaza del toro

VERSUS 19: Aaron Barnett vs. Pascal Sauton

November, 2016
ingredients: lobster, pineapple, goose
winner: Pascal Sauton
charity: Suzanne Bozarth Cancer Treatment Fund
donation: $500

Brian Lamback vs. Dustin Clark at plaza del toro VERSUS

VERSUS 18: Brian Lamback vs. Dustin Clark

October, 2016
ingredients: pear, olive oil, sweetbreads
winner: Brian Lamback
charity: Oregon Humane Society
donation: $150

VERSUS 17: Robby Debolt vs. Erin Connell

September, 2016
ingredients: eggs, trout, pork belly
winner: Robby Debolt
charity: Oregon Humane Society
donation: $280

VERSUS 16: Bonnie Morales vs. Javier Canteras

August, 2016
ingredients: watermelon, summer squash, cheeks
winner: Javier Canteras
charity: Diabetes Foundation of America
donation: $500

VERSUS 15: Tynan Gibson vs. Pat Manning

July, 2016
ingredients: tomatoes, corn, stone fruit
winner: Pat Manning
charity: Oregon Humane Society
donation: $437

VERSUS 14: Miles Prescott vs. Cameron Addy

June, 2016
ingredients: ham hock, cherry, quail
winner: Cameron Addy
charity: NAMI
donation: $450

VERSUS 13: Laura Rhoman vs. Tony Meyers

May, 2016
ingredients: artichoke, butter and halibut
winner: Laura Rhoman
charity: Sickle Cell Anemia Foundation of Oregon
donation: $500

VERSUS 12: Katrina Zito vs. Ryan Bleibtrey

April, 2016
ingredients: asparagus, anchovies and chuck eye roast (coppa)
winner: Ryan Bleibtrey
charity: Harper's Playground
donation: $570

VERSUS 11: Shane Ryan vs. Josh Scofield

March, 2016
ingredients: anson mills carolina gold rice, parmigiano-reggiano, lamb shanks
winner: Josh Scofield
charity: Live Wire Radio and My Voice Music
donation: $250 each

VERSUS 10: Johanna Wares vs. Han Ly Hwang

February, 2016
ingredients: pig ears, dungeness crab and japanese kobe
winner: Han Ly Hwang
charity: Black Lives Matter
donation: $430

VERSUS 9: Karl Zenk vs. Ben Meyer

January, 2016
ingredients: oysters, sauerkraut, a whole squab
winner: Ben Meyer
charity: Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization
donation: $500

VERSUS 8: Maya Lovelace vs. Joshua Theilen

December, 2015
ingredients: blood orange, sea island field peas, a whole goat
winner: Maya Lovelace
charities: Planned Parenthood
donation: $350

VERSUS 7: Johnny Leech and Peter Cho vs. Patrick McKee

November, 2015
ingredients: water buffalo, parsnips, buckwheat flour
winner: Johnny Leach and Peter Cho
charities: Caldera and Mt. Hood Kiwanis Camp
donation: $300 each

VERSUS 6: Christiaan Erasmus vs. Troy MacLarty

October, 2015
ingredients: pumpkin, cauliflower, duck
winner: Troy MacLarty
charity: Share Our Strength
donation: $520

VERSUS 5: Kasey Mills vs. Josh Schimmel-Bristo

September, 2015
ingredients: apples, squid, eggplant
winner: Kasey Mills
charity: American Cancer Society
donation: $1,120

VERSUS 4: Anthony Cafiero vs. Carlos Lamagna

August, 2015
ingredients: cucumber, corn, basil
winner: Anthony Cafiero
charity: Nicky USA Warehouse Hero
donation: $512

VERSUS 3: Maylin Chavez and Melissa Mayer vs. Andrew Gregory

July, 2015
ingredients: green beans, peaches and tomatoes
winner: Andrew Gregory
charity: The Brian Grant Foundation
donation: $433

VERSUS 2: BJ Smith vs. Ryan Fox

June, 2015
ingredients: albacore, apricots, rabbit
winner: Ryan Fox
charity: Planned Parenthood
donation: $450

VERSUS 1: Beau Carr vs. Gabe Rosen

May, 2015
ingredients: strawberries, octopus & lamb
winner: Gabe Rosen
charity: PSU Center for Japanese Studies
donation: $500